Sugar Free February

Everyone knows that sugar isnt awesome for our bodies.
Some people call it the legal heroin.
I don’t know about that, But I do agree that it is highly addictive and does nothing good for our bodies.

I have a sweet tooth. Theres no denying it. My three vices in life are sugar, salt and caffeine.

For the month of February I am going to tackle my sugar addiction head on by cutting out all added  and refined sugar including sugar substitutes.

So this means no diet soft drink, flavoured dairy products like yogurt and even cutting out my gluten free bread as it has a large amount of sugar added to it to stop it tasting like crap.

Im expecting to feel quite low for awhile, mood swings, cranky, tired as I will be going through not just a detox, but withdrawal aswell.
Im going to post every day on my progress !
Heres to Sugar Free Feb!


Child Free Please

I recently had, what I feel was an odd request from a ‘close‘ friend of mine.
(Yes, I put  close in italics because I am currently rethinking this definition of our relationship)

She requested that in future when we meet for coffee or lunch that we do so, child free.

I won’t go into the finer details of the request, but suffice to say this ‘friend’ has spent a lot of time with both my children and I had thought she was quite fond of them.
And No, she doesnt have children of her own……. yet.

Initially I felt quite hurt and a bit angry at this request.
Sure my kids can go a bit loco occasionally, we’ve had our fair share of tantys, poo explosions, loud socially inappropriate comments (“Mum My bagina has a wedgie”) and the need for numerous wee stops while on an outing, but surely this shouldn’t preclude them from going out in public with their mother for a few hours…..
Should it?

I understand the desire to have a conversation sans the “mummy, mummy, mummy” interruptions or needing to “hold that thought hun, pumpkinhead needs his baa-baa” , after all I;m not just a mum, but a woman who values her sanity as well!
But being a Mummy  (and particularly an Army-wife mummy) means that those sorts of catch ups are fewer than the ones where I can bring the kids along.

After explaining the logistics of getting out of the house without either child (as she was not willing to budge and even just have 5month old pumpkin head) and that our once every-other-day catch ups would dwindle down to once in a blue moon catch ups, I was left with the ultimatum.

Child Free or Not at all.

Have you made any  major concessions to save a friendship?

As humans we are all constantly changing, evolving, growing.

That’s why it always strikes me as odd when people say in accusatory tones “You’ve changed!”
No Shit Sherlock.

Everyday we all face choices and challenges. Some are big like illness or career choices, some are small like figuring out the logistics of carrying two small kids from the car to the shopping centre in the rain without getting them wet and without a free hand to hold the umbrella (hello my morning today!) or choosing what to eat.
Every challenge and choice changes us in some way. Every time you choose to eat clean and stick to your calories for the day you are creating a healthier, slimmer body. Every time you feel absolutely screwed half way through a long run and choose to keep going you  are creating a stronger will, a will of steel and a self belief that you are capable.

Change can go both ways and in some circumstances you may have absolutely no control over what is going on and the change is happening to you.  Ive been there and its  hard.  It is however, reassuring to remember that we can create the change we wish to see in ourselves, our lives and our world.

So next time someone narrows their eyes, shakes their head and says “You’ve changed”  I think Im going to respond by saying “Thank you!”


Here we go!

I spent the majority of  last year pregnant. Now I’m not complaining as I have my beautiful pumpkin headed little fella here now, but pregnancy takes a lot out of you.
Pregnancy leaves me feeling much like an incubator.
Yeah yeah its all “glowy” and “natural” and  “beautiful” and when I see someone else pregnant, it is all those things, but I dont ever feel that way.
So after a year of “incubating” and baking my baby boy, taking care of my man child husband , blondie who started kindergarten and making an effort to help out in a few community settings, I felt spent. Absolutely wrecked. Emotionally and physically I was tired.
I made a promise to myself that this year I would rank myself higher on the priority list. Do things that I want to do, focus on eating clean, working out, hanging out with real friends, studying, spending more time at Church, read more, paint more, take time out to just breathe.

I’m like everyone else out there. I need more hours in the day and a second set of hands wouldnt go astray either!
But this year I am going to not be frazzled. I am not going to waste time on people that make me feel sad or unhappy with their snide asides. I am not going to sacrifice my health, fitness or family time for things that I feel obliged to do/ go to and then grit my teeth and smile while I do them!

So what are my goals? Well Im glad you asked. Here is my 2012 Bucket list:

5km International Womens Day Fun Run March
8km Mothers Day Classic Fun Run May
22km Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon June (?)
Lose 25kg
Finish my Cert III in fitness
Finish 8 units of my Degree
Have more barbeques
Weights related goals (long and drawn out lol)
Go out to dinner more with the family
Spend a weekend down the coast
Spend a weekend Up the coast
Enjoy my last year in Brisbane!

Im sure there is more and I’ll just add it as I go along!

So far Ive lost 13kg, still have 25kg to go but Im so happy so far. At the moment Im doing cardio at home every day (we have a little gym set up happening in the shed), gym where I do a run session followed by weights 2 days a week and then a third day at the gym where I do boxing followed by pilates. I also do one outdoor run session a week and a yoga session.  I think my body has changed because I feel like I need to exercise. When i miss a session, It puts me out of kilter for the entire day.  As for eating I have been a die hard fan of Tosca Reno and the Eat Clean Diet for years now. I adore her and the way eating clean makes me feel. Im having a few issues convincing blondie that she really does love eating this way, but then she is only 5!

The trickiest part is time. Trying to fit in workouts around pumpkin and his naps/wake up time, blondie, man childs own workouts and work, study and running the house gets a bit tricky. I dont have the option to pike on a session and re-work it into the day like I used to before pumpkin came along. Now, if I miss my 5am session, I dont have a chance to do it later. It just doesnt work. Which means I am pushed to get up and get it done, which is good but it can be a bit sucky if pumpkin has had a bad night and Im running on no sleep.

Mind you I just keep telling myself……..

Damn Straight.


Meal Planning

Ok so menu planning may seem a little….hmmm… anal retentive to those that havent tried it before.

Thats how I saw it before I understood how to do it properly!

There were days as a newly wed,  when my husband would be gone for months on end and I was working numerous jobs to keep busy, where I would live on cereal and yogurt for breakfast and dinner, often skipping lunch altogether. Or I would buy a pizza to last me two…sometimes three days worth of meals.

mmm… cant you just taste the salmonella?!

Not only did I not give a fat rats about nutrition or fuelling my body properly, I only had myself to take care of, so didnt see the point in cooking!

Now with a strong interest in eating clean and using food as fuel to support my body, not to mention two rug rats that need me to establish good nutritional foundations for and a budget to stick to, I have developed a healthy respect for the good old fashioned menu plan.

While trawling the internet seeking information on menu planning I came across this article over at Planning With Kids (How I love that site!). Nicole’s way of explaining her method clicked with me instantly.  I am now the proud owner of meal plans two months ahead that are coupled with school lunch plans, supplement and protein plans (for hubs), and a stack of clean eating recipes  sitting waiting to be added to my treasured recipe book.

Each monthly main meal plan is then broken down into weekly plans that show the calorie total for myself and husband, the nutritional needs of each cherub and an estimated price calculation for the budget.

A bit full on?
Yeah probably ;o)
But the amount of peace of mind it gives me and the TIME it saves me, out weighs the fact that my MIL thinks I have a touch of OCD!


Welcome to Multi-Tasking Mama!

I am Mum to two spirited and gorgeous kidlets, one about to start school and the other under six months, I am studying a Certificate in Health and Fitness and a degree in Education. Im married to a great (yet messy) man who is in the Army so I do a lot of solo parenting. I’m also on a few committees and have some personal goals that I want to acheive in 2012!

Trying to juggle life is hard.

I’m not saying I am any kind of expert, Not even close.
But I do read. A lot. I read other mum blogs, baby bunching blogs, organisational blogs, books on routines for kids, tweets on keeping positive and uplifted, you name it I will read it to try and find new ways to balance everything and hopefully fit more in!

I am also in the blessed position to have friends that have gone before me. When I had my first child not a single friend of mine living in our state had children. I had my Mum to turn to for advice but sometimes I just wanted the advice of someone who had dealt with the issues I was facing in the last decade. (sorry mum!)

Having no one to ask, or to compare to, can be hard. So the more mum blogs out there, the better!
This blog is not just my opinion or experiences but is information I have gathered from picking peoples brains, across the internet, books and professionals all spewed out into bits and bobs. Where possible I will credit all sources but in some cases this wont be possible. This is also, my opinion and not the opinion of a professional, so please take what works for you and leave the rest!

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