Meal Planning

Ok so menu planning may seem a little….hmmm… anal retentive to those that havent tried it before.

Thats how I saw it before I understood how to do it properly!

There were days as a newly wed,  when my husband would be gone for months on end and I was working numerous jobs to keep busy, where I would live on cereal and yogurt for breakfast and dinner, often skipping lunch altogether. Or I would buy a pizza to last me two…sometimes three days worth of meals.

mmm… cant you just taste the salmonella?!

Not only did I not give a fat rats about nutrition or fuelling my body properly, I only had myself to take care of, so didnt see the point in cooking!

Now with a strong interest in eating clean and using food as fuel to support my body, not to mention two rug rats that need me to establish good nutritional foundations for and a budget to stick to, I have developed a healthy respect for the good old fashioned menu plan.

While trawling the internet seeking information on menu planning I came across this article over at Planning With Kids (How I love that site!). Nicole’s way of explaining her method clicked with me instantly.  I am now the proud owner of meal plans two months ahead that are coupled with school lunch plans, supplement and protein plans (for hubs), and a stack of clean eating recipes  sitting waiting to be added to my treasured recipe book.

Each monthly main meal plan is then broken down into weekly plans that show the calorie total for myself and husband, the nutritional needs of each cherub and an estimated price calculation for the budget.

A bit full on?
Yeah probably ;o)
But the amount of peace of mind it gives me and the TIME it saves me, out weighs the fact that my MIL thinks I have a touch of OCD!


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