Welcome to Multi-Tasking Mama!

I am Mum to two spirited and gorgeous kidlets, one about to start school and the other under six months, I am studying a Certificate in Health and Fitness and a degree in Education. Im married to a great (yet messy) man who is in the Army so I do a lot of solo parenting. I’m also on a few committees and have some personal goals that I want to acheive in 2012!

Trying to juggle life is hard.

I’m not saying I am any kind of expert, Not even close.
But I do read. A lot. I read other mum blogs, baby bunching blogs, organisational blogs, books on routines for kids, tweets on keeping positive and uplifted, you name it I will read it to try and find new ways to balance everything and hopefully fit more in!

I am also in the blessed position to have friends that have gone before me. When I had my first child not a single friend of mine living in our state had children. I had my Mum to turn to for advice but sometimes I just wanted the advice of someone who had dealt with the issues I was facing in the last decade. (sorry mum!)

Having no one to ask, or to compare to, can be hard. So the more mum blogs out there, the better!
This blog is not just my opinion or experiences but is information I have gathered from picking peoples brains, across the internet, books and professionals all spewed out into bits and bobs. Where possible I will credit all sources but in some cases this wont be possible. This is also, my opinion and not the opinion of a professional, so please take what works for you and leave the rest!


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