As humans we are all constantly changing, evolving, growing.

That’s why it always strikes me as odd when people say in accusatory tones “You’ve changed!”
No Shit Sherlock.

Everyday we all face choices and challenges. Some are big like illness or career choices, some are small like figuring out the logistics of carrying two small kids from the car to the shopping centre in the rain without getting them wet and without a free hand to hold the umbrella (hello my morning today!) or choosing what to eat.
Every challenge and choice changes us in some way. Every time you choose to eat clean and stick to your calories for the day you are creating a healthier, slimmer body. Every time you feel absolutely screwed half way through a long run and choose to keep going you  are creating a stronger will, a will of steel and a self belief that you are capable.

Change can go both ways and in some circumstances you may have absolutely no control over what is going on and the change is happening to you.  Ive been there and its  hard.  It is however, reassuring to remember that we can create the change we wish to see in ourselves, our lives and our world.

So next time someone narrows their eyes, shakes their head and says “You’ve changed”  I think Im going to respond by saying “Thank you!”


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