Child Free Please

I recently had, what I feel was an odd request from a ‘close‘ friend of mine.
(Yes, I put  close in italics because I am currently rethinking this definition of our relationship)

She requested that in future when we meet for coffee or lunch that we do so, child free.

I won’t go into the finer details of the request, but suffice to say this ‘friend’ has spent a lot of time with both my children and I had thought she was quite fond of them.
And No, she doesnt have children of her own……. yet.

Initially I felt quite hurt and a bit angry at this request.
Sure my kids can go a bit loco occasionally, we’ve had our fair share of tantys, poo explosions, loud socially inappropriate comments (“Mum My bagina has a wedgie”) and the need for numerous wee stops while on an outing, but surely this shouldn’t preclude them from going out in public with their mother for a few hours…..
Should it?

I understand the desire to have a conversation sans the “mummy, mummy, mummy” interruptions or needing to “hold that thought hun, pumpkinhead needs his baa-baa” , after all I;m not just a mum, but a woman who values her sanity as well!
But being a Mummy  (and particularly an Army-wife mummy) means that those sorts of catch ups are fewer than the ones where I can bring the kids along.

After explaining the logistics of getting out of the house without either child (as she was not willing to budge and even just have 5month old pumpkin head) and that our once every-other-day catch ups would dwindle down to once in a blue moon catch ups, I was left with the ultimatum.

Child Free or Not at all.

Have you made any  major concessions to save a friendship?


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