Here we go!

I spent the majority of  last year pregnant. Now I’m not complaining as I have my beautiful pumpkin headed little fella here now, but pregnancy takes a lot out of you.
Pregnancy leaves me feeling much like an incubator.
Yeah yeah its all “glowy” and “natural” and  “beautiful” and when I see someone else pregnant, it is all those things, but I dont ever feel that way.
So after a year of “incubating” and baking my baby boy, taking care of my man child husband , blondie who started kindergarten and making an effort to help out in a few community settings, I felt spent. Absolutely wrecked. Emotionally and physically I was tired.
I made a promise to myself that this year I would rank myself higher on the priority list. Do things that I want to do, focus on eating clean, working out, hanging out with real friends, studying, spending more time at Church, read more, paint more, take time out to just breathe.

I’m like everyone else out there. I need more hours in the day and a second set of hands wouldnt go astray either!
But this year I am going to not be frazzled. I am not going to waste time on people that make me feel sad or unhappy with their snide asides. I am not going to sacrifice my health, fitness or family time for things that I feel obliged to do/ go to and then grit my teeth and smile while I do them!

So what are my goals? Well Im glad you asked. Here is my 2012 Bucket list:

5km International Womens Day Fun Run March
8km Mothers Day Classic Fun Run May
22km Gold Coast 1/2 Marathon June (?)
Lose 25kg
Finish my Cert III in fitness
Finish 8 units of my Degree
Have more barbeques
Weights related goals (long and drawn out lol)
Go out to dinner more with the family
Spend a weekend down the coast
Spend a weekend Up the coast
Enjoy my last year in Brisbane!

Im sure there is more and I’ll just add it as I go along!

So far Ive lost 13kg, still have 25kg to go but Im so happy so far. At the moment Im doing cardio at home every day (we have a little gym set up happening in the shed), gym where I do a run session followed by weights 2 days a week and then a third day at the gym where I do boxing followed by pilates. I also do one outdoor run session a week and a yoga session.  I think my body has changed because I feel like I need to exercise. When i miss a session, It puts me out of kilter for the entire day.  As for eating I have been a die hard fan of Tosca Reno and the Eat Clean Diet for years now. I adore her and the way eating clean makes me feel. Im having a few issues convincing blondie that she really does love eating this way, but then she is only 5!

The trickiest part is time. Trying to fit in workouts around pumpkin and his naps/wake up time, blondie, man childs own workouts and work, study and running the house gets a bit tricky. I dont have the option to pike on a session and re-work it into the day like I used to before pumpkin came along. Now, if I miss my 5am session, I dont have a chance to do it later. It just doesnt work. Which means I am pushed to get up and get it done, which is good but it can be a bit sucky if pumpkin has had a bad night and Im running on no sleep.

Mind you I just keep telling myself……..

Damn Straight.



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