Sugar Free February

Everyone knows that sugar isnt awesome for our bodies.
Some people call it the legal heroin.
I don’t know about that, But I do agree that it is highly addictive and does nothing good for our bodies.

I have a sweet tooth. Theres no denying it. My three vices in life are sugar, salt and caffeine.

For the month of February I am going to tackle my sugar addiction head on by cutting out all added  and refined sugar including sugar substitutes.

So this means no diet soft drink, flavoured dairy products like yogurt and even cutting out my gluten free bread as it has a large amount of sugar added to it to stop it tasting like crap.

Im expecting to feel quite low for awhile, mood swings, cranky, tired as I will be going through not just a detox, but withdrawal aswell.
Im going to post every day on my progress !
Heres to Sugar Free Feb!


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